Congratulations to my beautiful client Dodie Elkins for placing 1ST in FIGURE and 2ND in FITNESS MODEL at yesterday's UFE competition!!! This is Dodies first time competing and she rocked the stage!! I am so proud of you Dodie!!! As you can see Dodie had an incredible transformation. I started working with Dodie in January and I placed Dodie on a very special protocol that suited Dodies needs. Dodie lives in a small community, in the country so a fitness facility was not that accessible. Dodie did most of her workouts that I sent to her from home. Included in Dodies protocol was intermittent fasting, cleanse days and refeeds, Dodie felt great with lots of energy, Dodies nutritional plan/ macros was assessed frequently depending on how she was feeling and how her body was adjusting. Dodie is a strong, focused, determined wife, mother of 2 young children and a very successful chiropractor. She is one busy woman!!.


Sanaz is a great inspiration and an amazing lady! I am very proud of this strong mother and wife. Sanaz is focused, works hard on her training, nutrition and putting the best superfoods in her body. Sanaz cleanses 1-2 times a week with nutritional cleansing and still enjoys to treat herself once a week. Sanaz continues to move forward with her goals and never gives up! Stay tuned as she continues her transformation.


“The differentiator to my transformation and success was Deborah Wright. Period ...full stop. Deborah is an accomplished trainer who knows what it takes to be successful in assisting anyone to reach their fitness goals. Thanks to Deborah's guidance and support I won Top Achiever Honorable Mention in the 2016 Isagenix isabody challenge. She was a driving force behind my success. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Deborah’s on-line training programs. She painstakingly creates programs for her clients second to none. Deborah… you have my heartfelt thanks for helping me achieve my transformational goal.”


Kelly is one strong, beautiful, determined mother of four beautiful children. Kelly trains very hard, puts the best nutrition/superfoods in her body, protocol including cleanse days, intermittent fasting, and refeeds. Kelly's journey continues as she plans to compete in the near future. I'm super excited for Kelly and her accomplishments!/p>